October 4, 2017

How to Help Donate to the Victims of the Las Vegas Shooting

With most major media outlets already broadcasting what happened in Las Vegas on Sunday night, people around the country are shaking their heads in sadness and frustration, wondering what can possibly be done to stop such things from happening. Here’s a legitimate goFundMe page for victims to help restore your faith in humanity. There’s going to be lots happening in the coming days. Political circles will tout and defend their agendas. Police and security will step up their numbers and […]
October 3, 2017

How to Help Puerto Rico in the Aftermath of Hurricane Maria

On September 19th, citizens of Puerto Rico wondered what Hurricane Maria had in store for them. On September 20th, the answer they were dreading came to surface amidst massive destruction and flooding from the category 4 hurricane that left most of the country leveled. The region had already been roughed up from Hurricane Irma in the days earlier. While the Virgin Islands and the Caribbean weren’t directly affected, Maria was the sucker punch that region square into chaos and devastation. […]