4 Places You Can Donate To That Assist Hurricane Harvey Victims

4 Places You Can Donate To That Assist Hurricane Harvey Victims

Looking for places to donate to Hurricane Harvey victims?  Countless organizations have been doing their part to help provide relief, but so too have scammers who profit off of well-intentioned donors.  To ease any fears you may have of donating to the wrong nonprofit, here are a few safe sites that will put your mind at ease and money to good use:

Save The Children Federation

The Save The Children Federation is a BBB Accredited Charity with low overhead expenses and over 80% of donations going directly to relief efforts.  Funds from this nonprofit are focused on assisting children left particularly vulnerable after the hurricane, providing beds and shelter, amongst other things.

Humane Society

Our four-legged friends were also affected by Harvey, and many families lost or abandoned pets during the storm. The Humane Society is a BBB accredited charity too, and are deployed in other gulf regions damaged by recent hurricanes.

Global Giving

Just short of their 5 million dollar goal at the time of this writing, Global Giving helps equip and fund local relief efforts, so they’re better able to respond when the next natural disaster occurs.  Global Giving is very transparent about how their funds are used, and email these reports to donors to keep them informed.


WorldVision.org has networked with local churches in Texas to distribute emergency supplies and provide shelter at the community level. Over 90% of funds go towards helping victims, making this a highly efficient charity and BBB verified as well.

And more:

If you’re looking for a different charity from the ones we’ve listed, check out this article from the New York Times.  They’ve got plenty of local and online resources that are safe to donate to.  Remember: plenty of fraudulent websites exist, but if you do a bit of research the good ones will vindicate themselves as reputable. Happy donating!