A Charity That Helps Veterans Help Disaster Victims

A Charity That Helps Veterans Help Disaster Victims

“You miss war, you miss combat.”

That’s the honest opinion of Jake Wood, a retired Marine sniper of your average American family that’s no stranger to military service.

It’s a common trait that plagues military veterans today, and it’s one reason why so many of them come back different from what their friends and family knew before. When you spend the transformative years of your adult life making life or death decisions, finding a sense of meaning, purpose, and direction can be difficult.

Old military habits are hardwired in daily activities, adrenaline rushes from combat are nonexistent in civilian realms, and Jake Wood saw this after coming back from what is becoming an endless war in Afghanistan.  Many of his fellow Veterans turned to drugs and adrenaline-charged thrills to compensate, but something better needed to be done.

“Team Rubicon” was developed out of this problem.  Deploy military veterans as first responders to emergency zones they’re so used to operating in and assist those in need who are displaced by floods, earthquakes, wildfires, and other disasters.

It gives meaning, camaraderie, and purpose to those readjusting from a military career, so it’s as much good for the veterans as it is the communities they serve. When you’ve got charitable organizations helping multiple groups of people in constructive and creative ways like this, it’s all the better in our opinion.

For the entire podcast and more information on the incredible story behind this nonprofit, check out Team Rubicon’s coverage here.