Drake Makes Giving Part of God’s Plan

Drake Makes Giving Part of God’s Plan

The heartwarming hit has made its way to the top of the charts, with many praising the rapper’s generosity and smart giving practices.

If you think the hit music video “God’s Plan” is the beginning of Aubrey “Drake” Graham’s charitable career, you’ll be pleased to hear the musician has a long history of giving and plans to continue to do so in the future.

The artist was absent from music for most of 2017, but early this year marked the release of two new singles, “God’s Plan” and “Diplomatic Immunity”. “God’s Plan” easily topped the Billboard 100 and broke streaming records in the process, so it’s safe to say the song is a hit.  Even better, instead of spending lavish sums of money to make a flashy music video for the single, Drake opted to give nearly 1 million dollars to families and individuals instead.

Fully paid shopping sprees, college tuition checks, groceries, the list goes on and so does the giving.  Some might argue that celebrity giving is overrated or not generous enough, but rather than criticize why aren’t we applauding charitable donations wherever and whoever they come from? Let’s keep the goodness flowing, people.

Plus, giving is only half the equation. How the money is put to use is just as important.  In the same way, an investor looks to get the largest return on their money, a donor would be wise to find the most effective use of their donation and find a way to bring about the greatest amount of good from it.

Drake sets a good example of this, in both 2018 and in past years. He’s donated to schools, charities, and people hit by incredibly hard times struggling to make ends meet. It’s almost as if according to plan.

It’s refreshing to see a video and song that spreads this much hope and gratitude among everyday people.  Hopefully, it’s a trend that continues in the music and entertainment industry with more and more celebrities opting to live both comfortably and humbly in exchange for helping their fellow man.

There’s a difference between giving to look good, and giving because you care. It’s tough to argue a video as emotionally powerful as this was done to merely virtue signal or for self-glorification.

It also makes us wonder: what does he have planned for his next video? He might claim this is the most important video he’s done, but let’s hope he’s just getting started.