Join The ASPCA And Help Animals In Your Community

Join The ASPCA And Help Animals In Your Community

The ASPCA needs your help finding homes for displaced animals across the country. With plenty of opportunities available, what can you do to volunteer?

Animals need our help now more than ever. We’ve all heard heart-wrenching stories of abandoned pets, starving animals, dog fighting, puppy mills, and other forms of animal neglect. It’s inhumane and does humankind a disservice by highlighting our cruelty instead of compassion.

Thankfully, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, or ASPCA, is making a difference. From rehabilitating displaced pets to helping thousands of animals find a new place to call home, the ASPCA has been working for over a century to bring an end to animal abuse. Interested in helping out? Here are a few of the many ways you can assist:

Rescue From A Shelter

With so many pets waiting in cages for a loving home, adopting or rescuing from your local shelter can literally save a life. It’s a huge but worthwhile commitment, so be sure to decide on a pet that fits your lifestyle today, as well as years from now. Adoption is only one of many ways you can contribute and perhaps the most rewarding, but if pet ownership isn’t pawssible there’s plenty of other ways to help our four-legged friends.

Fundraising And Cash

Have you considered donating or signing up for their monthly giving plans? The ASPCA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that exists on donations of every amount, both large and small. Fundraisers are popular with them too. Participate in virtual 5k marathons, donate your birthday, celebrate a memorial campaign, or even host a DIY fundraiser to their benefit! Any occasion can be an opportunity with a bit of creativity, but if fundraising isn’t your thing, alternative opportunities also exist with the ASPCA. For example, the local Virginia Beach SPCA has some great ideas here!

Immediate Action

If you’re looking for a more immediate connection with the ASPCA, consider joining their Mobile Action Team. You’ll receive up to date text and email alerts about ASPCA activities that you can participate or help in. It’s a great way to see firsthand what the ASPCA is doing in locally and learn more about any immediate needs that exist. The bottom line: the ASPCA always needs people who are willing to take action.

Donate Your Old Car

It might sound counterintuitive donating a used car to a nonprofit that deals with animals, but in truth, many accept and benefit from them. Even if the vehicle is inoperable, a lot of cash can be made from spare parts and metal. Donating your car can also be a tax deduction.

Start Helping Today

If you believe we have a higher responsibility to the creatures we share this planet with, the ASPCA is the nonprofit for you. Donate, adopt, host a fundraising event, there’s no wrong way to join and make a difference in the lives of both people and animals alike. Visit the ASPCA online today to learn more, and be sure to share this article with fellow pet owners looking to make a difference!