How to Help Donate to the Victims of the Las Vegas Shooting

How to Help Donate to the Victims of the Las Vegas Shooting

With most major media outlets already broadcasting what happened in Las Vegas on Sunday night, people around the country are shaking their heads in sadness and frustration, wondering what can possibly be done to stop such things from happening. Here’s a legitimate goFundMe page for victims to help restore your faith in humanity.

There’s going to be lots happening in the coming days. Political circles will tout and defend their agendas. Police and security will step up their numbers and patrols. Media coverage and “expert panels” will be ridiculed as fake or shared as truth. It’s a senseless tragedy; and an act of pure evil committed by a very sick individual.

But there are ways you can help beyond simply advocating or arguing about it.

That’s why Steve Sisolak, a Clark County Commission Chair in Las Vegas put up a goFundMe page to provide financial assistance to victims and families. In just a few hours the account raised over $700,000 from thousands of people donating amounts ranging from $5 to hundreds of dollars. The amount is climbing rapidly as people continue to share and donate to it.

Good acts performed by everyday individuals like us will always overcome the darkest of circumstances. These are the moments when we come together to help each other mourn, heal, and rebuild.

Let the talking heads dither on social media and TV on what should be done in the future. Here’s an opportunity for something that can be done right now. Forfeit the pumpkin frappe for a day and donate the amount to someone with no medical insurance and a bullet wound they didn’t ask for. Show the world that good still exists by taking action.