Thousands Dead, Billions in Damage. Here’s How to Help.

Thousands Dead, Billions in Damage. Here’s How to Help.

With a death toll in the thousands and damages of over $10 billion, it’s a wonder why Hurricane Matthew didn’t garner more media attention during the aftermath of this storm. It’s the first category 5 storm the world has seen in almost 10 years and has damaged communities in the Southeastern United States, Venezuela, Colombia, Haiti, Jamaica, Cuba, and tropical islands in the area.

Watching the storm unfold was tragic enough. Torrential downpours caused flooding, coupled with intense winds strong enough to make palm trees look like they were growing sideways. Imagine if one of these houses had been your home:

I’m encouraging my readers today to donate any amount they can through the page setup by America’s Charities. They’ve coordinated with reputable charities and the Center for Disaster Philanthropy (Check them out here: ) that are supporting Hurricane Matthew relief efforts.

Donate to Relief Efforts here:

With such widespread damage across so many regions, long-term recovery efforts will continue to be supported in part through everyday people like you and me. Any amount, no matter how small, always helps. I particularly like this charity because it supports mid and long-term recovery efforts, which are crucial to ensuring the millions affected by this storm aren’t forgotten, even after news coverage stops.