Does Your City Care Enough to Top This List?

Does Your City Care Enough to Top This List?

We all want to live in a city we can take pride in when people ask where we live.

If you happen to live in Madison, WA, Lincoln, NE, and Virginia Beach, VA, you can keep your head held high.  On the other hand, if you’re in a city like San Bernardino, CA, Laredo, TX, or Detroit, MI, you may want to ask what your city or community could improve on. Check out the entire list, plus detailed scoring criteria here.

Wallethub took the 100 most populated cities in the United States and evaluated them on three areas: caring in the community, caring for the vulnerable, and caring in the workplace.  While these sorts of articles can be light on research or sloppy in research methods, Wallethub did their due diligence by collecting a wide array of data from a host of sources. They also openly explained how they came to these conclusions.

While different research perspectives or definitions of the word ‘caring’  would undoubtedly alter city rankings, it’s fair to say there’s some truth to this list.

Even if you find yourself living in one of the cities at the bottom of this list, always remember that individual actions contribute to the collective whole of a community.  You can make a difference! It’s never too late to take action helping those in need, making a better working environment for the people you work with, or volunteering in your community.  So don’t despair.  Instead, just care!