The Foundation Center is a Resource Every Charity Can Benefit From

The Foundation Center is a Resource Every Charity Can Benefit From

To strengthen the social sector by advancing knowledge about philanthropy in the U.S. and around the world.

— Foundation Center mission statement.

Last month’s article on data scientists highlighted the need within charities to have dedicated research analysts who can parse through large amounts of data to provide charities with the information they need make informed decisions. Of course, hiring skilled individuals capable of such feats can be costly and difficult to find. Cash-strapped organizations with razor thin operating margins can only dream of finding such people, much less employing them with a paycheck.

It begs the question: what if there was a place that had resources to advance philanthropy? An intelligence hub for charities?

While it may not be exactly like having your own data scientist, The Foundation Center may be a good alternative. They’ve been helping nonprofits around the U.S. for over 60 years, and are growing in global scale as well. They realize the importance of giving and seek to empower charities with the tools and data they need to succeed.

These resources include things like networking and training tools to equip your nonprofit for success. The Center maintains an online directory of foundations that donors and grants can search through to find like-minded organizations to work with and contribute to. This benefits donors as much as nonprofits by linking groups looking to achieve common goals. Training is also a huge part of what the Foundation Center provides, with online and in-person training courses on a variety of topics like charity management, how to create useful content, and understanding relevant issues that nonprofits need to be aware of.

They even offer a free daily newsletter with charity related articles and information on the social sector. It’s a hub of information and knowledge that indexes and shares thousands of articles, studies, and other information on important topics like environmental issues, social change, and economic considerations.

Knowledge is key, and the Foundation center offers a great array of tools and information to help you in growing your charity into the element of social change you envision it. Check them out, and see if the Foundation Center is a resource you can integrate into your nonprofit.